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Dubai — United Arab Emirates Photos Page 1 of 3 — October 1999

Deira City Shopping Center, the city’s biggest mall. Hypermarket as far as the eye can see. Food court at the mall. View from my hotel room; chamber of commerce, government building. In background is the World Trade Center towers and a creek running thru Dubai.… Continue Reading →

Dubai Photos Page 2 of 3 Homes & Beaches

Villa by the sea. Often hard to get a good view of someone’s home in this region. Here’s another one by the sea. Some beach scenes; last photo has water park in the background. The Jumeirah Beach Resort Hotel near sunset.… Continue Reading →

Dubai Photos Page 3 of 3

Back to modernity. Emad is fully accessorized & ready to ride. Motorcyle show at the Waif Shopping Mall. Group Think Entrance to Pharoah’s, a 6 story health club across from the mall and next door to Planet Hollywood. Interior of Pharoah’s entrance area.… Continue Reading →

Switzerland & Belgium October 1999 Selected Items — A Very Eclectic Tour Page 1 of 2

Lake Geneva and its famous fountain. Jeddah has one like it, just offshore the king’s palace. Views of Geneva from a mountain-top in France. Toward the right you can see the fountain & the lake. Some innovations: Kiddie-Kart at supermarket. Digital “live” sign showing parking lot options and spaces available.… Continue Reading →

Ghent, Belgium — October 1999

Main view of the canal and the architecture. Looks like a mini-Amsterdam but without all the kitchy shops. Here are left and right views without all the shadows in the panorama above. We pause for a really cute picture. Some very nice architecture, yes?… Continue Reading →

Saudi Photos Page 4 of 4 Riyadh and Friends

UFO? No, the interior ministry building. New construction in downtown Riyadh. Skyscraper in background will be a prestige building when finished. An old fort on the outskirts of Riyadh. Meet some friends. Guess which one is a Saudi? OK, you guessed right.… Continue Reading →

Saudi Photos Page 3 of 4 Riyadh — October 1999

Interior Riyadh Airport. No picture taking allowed here. Really. Riyadh Airport: Very large mosque right next door. Escalator access. King Abdul Azziz museum exterior. Architecture; view from museum to water tower. mural inside the museum reflecting Mohammed’s pilgrimmage King’s collection of old cars; above the cars, a picture of the King in desert robes hangs.… Continue Reading →

Saudi Photos — Page 2 of 4 Odd Things in Jeddah

This contraption built to cover someone’s house so that the neighboring buildings can’t peek in and see anything. This poor chap’s house was covered with this contraption and he was declared bankrupt because he said something bad against the King. This was done to teach everyone else a lesson.… Continue Reading →

Saudi Arabia Pictures — October 1999 Page 1 of 4

Jeddah: King’s Palace a bank in Jeddah; well-known building another new building; mostly empty mosque central square with choo-choo train and large shopping mall in background looking a bit to the left, we find out this was once jeddah’s Chop-Chop Square — where bad people got things chopped off.… Continue Reading →
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