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Middle East Situation — 29 March 2000 Also…Comments on Taiwan election, Putin election & Gore’s VP List

The public believes that the peace process with Syria has failed, that Syria doesn’t want a deal and that the Israeli government is on the verge of collapse. Not so fast.

1. I was tempted to say that Assad pulled out because it became clear over the weekend that the Attorney General would be investigating Rabbi Yosef of Shas which would likely get Shas to withdraw from the coalition which was already issuing ultimatums to the government over the education ministry.… Continue Reading →

Athens Travel Information

Sit right on air arrival for good coastline view. Airport is small and only 10 gates when I last visited in 1994; great for changing planes but only one runway. $10 taxi to city. Can hire a taxi for $25 a hour for sightseeing.… Continue Reading →

Super Tuesday comment; India-Pakistan Alert — 10 March 2000

Quick Super Tuesday comment: The statistics out of New York and California showed the Bush polled weaker than expected among women and Hispanics. Also, people don’t believe what he says. Bush is going to have problems and this confirms my shift earlier this week.… Continue Reading →

Revision on U.S. Election Prediction for 2000 — 6 March 2000 ….Now shifting to Gore to beat Bush

Tomorrow is Super Tuesday and will be decisive in determining the two candidates. so far, there is no reason to deviate from the prediction that it will be a gore/bush race and that gore has a good chance of convincing voters that bush is a lightweight who has no business being president.… Continue Reading →

Ivan’s Opinion re Middle East Situation — 6 March 2000

This article is distinguished from other articles in that it is not solely my analysis or prediction but more or less my opinion.

I think the Israelis should get out of Lebanon and off the Golan, should give the Palestinians pretty much what they are asking for, including their capital in Abu-Dis with East Jerusalem becoming a borough of the capital of the Palestinian State.… Continue Reading →

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