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Authentic and Irrelevant — Rethinking Prayer Services for the 21st Century — 21 June 2000 Summary: Today’s Orthodox sabbath morning prayer service is too long, not meaningful, and the victim of congregants who are voting with their feet and showin

I haven’t gone to a movie in over a year and haven’t rented one in several. No patience to sit through them. No wonder that the idea of a 3 hour sabbath morning service is not something I look forward to.… Continue Reading →

Assad’s Death: What Comes Next – 12 June 2000

Summary: Assad’s death came at a convenient time; there are some golden opportunities which I expect will be taken by the appropriate parties.

On Saturday, I was approached in synagogue with rumors of Assad’s demise. I replied that I have heard these rumors since 1983 and refuse to hear more of them until I am informed officially that he is dead.… Continue Reading →

Ruth Ostrin / Ivan Ciment June 6 Meeting Prep Package

Ivan Ciment, the subject of a feature article in The New York Jewish Week: 26 May 2000

An Action Plan for the Jewish World — Also useful for other communities — 6 May 2000

Letter of Introduction

c.v. Ivan CimentContinue Reading →

6 June 2000 Decision Time: Open up the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty? (aka Star Wars Revisited)

Summary: ABM defense systems don’t work; they are a waste of money; they will drive other countries into an arms race that will further destabilize the world; better to be more serious about enforcing MAD doctrine and making rogue threats feel threatened.Continue Reading →
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