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Passover Sermonette 2001

A Jew was to be knighted by the Queen of England and was told in preparation to memorize a Latin phrase for the occasion. So when the Queen put her sword upon his head, he was to recite the phrase but he got so nervous that he forgot it.… Continue Reading →

The Bear Market Explained 22 March 2001

This short article is designed to answer questions I am receiving as to why the US stock market is acting the way it is and what must happen in order for things to get better.

The reason the several cuts in the interest rate by the federal reserve bank have NOT caused the stock market to recover is that the problem in the economy is deeper than that which can be repaired by an interest rate cut.… Continue Reading →

Spring Tour 2001 Photos Koh Samui, Thailand

My villa at the Santiburi Dusit Resort. Glass partition between living and sleeping areas. Half of the bathroom. Each person gets a villa. There are 65 in all. Chef’s Garden of Organically Grown Vegetables and Herbs. Half of the swimming pool and the tables set for the pasta buffet.… Continue Reading →

Spring Tour 2001 Photos Bangkok

Welcome to Asia where saving face is paramount. Seats at the airport departure lounge. Every taxi has his Buddha. The toll road to the airport is empty. Amazing what a dollar toll can do here. Underneath this road, it’s a zoo on the parallel road.… Continue Reading →

Spring Tour 2001 Photos Singapore — Some Selections

Countdown clocks at pedestrian crossings by the Raffles Hotel. The Raffles Hotel main entrance. View of the city skyline from the Pacifica Hotel. An additional skyline view a bit to the left of the above view. Local promotion for Secretary’s Week.… Continue Reading →

Ivan’s Tips to Disney World — May 2001 based on family visit March 2001 Papa Norman’s 65th Birthday Breakfast with Mary Poppins & Company!

1. Take the train to get around the perimeter of the park. You can get from one part of the park to another in 5-10 minutes this way. Remember that walking just from the entrance to the beginning of Fantasy Land behind the Castle takes almost 15 minutes.… Continue Reading →

Spring Tour 2001 Photos Tokyo, Japan and Nearby Areas

Vending machines selling soft drinks. These are all over Japan but this photo was actually taken in Seoul but the brand is Japanese. Doesn’t Pocari Sweat sound tasty? Welcome to Japan. Everyone and everything bows. Even the coin telephones. Entrance to a city about 50 miles outside Tokyo.… Continue Reading →

Spring Tour 2001 Photos Seoul, Korea

Mix of old and new. Companies want to show they are “with it” all over Asia and they wear the .com on their sleeves. My colleague wearing one of the traditional outfits. A Happy Couple at one of the palaces in the city.… Continue Reading →

WHAT NOW? The Israel/Palestinian Issue….Ariel Sharon…Pollard/Rich pardons…George Soros. ..The “Auschwitz Picture” Revisited based on new information. 8 March 2001

Israeli Domestic Scene – A Strange Equilibrium is coming forth.

Israeli domestic politics have been in such turmoil lately that a draft becomes outdated within 48 hours. Silence has been the best commentary lately. The main reason for the confusion is that Barak was not expected to lose by 25 points to the point where he had no business being part of the coalition that he and Sharon were supposed to have formed when they conspired to set up this election to keep Bibi out.… Continue Reading →

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