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Ivan Op-Ed Article Published in Jewish Week September 16, 2005 re Pakistan/Israeli Meetings with Saudi Blessing

Behind Pakistan’s Overtures To Israel

Saudis seen giving the OK to Musharraf

Ivan Ciment – Special To The Jewish Week

This weekend’s meeting in New York between Pakistan’s President Pervez Musharraf and Jewish leaders, through the American Jewish Congress Council for World Jewry, might be more than just a Pass-Go on the route to his cozying up to Washington.… Continue Reading →

US Highlight Tour September 2005

View of White House from our hotel room at Hay Adams Hotel Old Executive Office Building at twilight From the roof of the Hay Adams. View from our room at Peninsula, Chicago Rooftop pool at the Peninsula Chicago’s Millennium Park More of the park 3rd floor of the Cultural Center, across from the park Navy Pier at dusk Wrigley Tower From observatory at John Hancock Tower looking north toward suburbs Looking south toward rest of downtown Merchandise mart building; once owned by JFK’s dad and one of the world’s largest buildings.… Continue Reading →

Letter to NY Senator Chuck Schumer — 5 September 2005 Issues: Verizon & Airline Industry Abuses

There are two items that bother the hell out of me very often and it would make a difference to me personally if I felt that my senator was out there trying to do something about them:

1. Verizon is a monopoly for local telephony and acts like one.… Continue Reading →

Global Thoughts — 5 September 2005 Hurricane Katrina, Gaza Withdrawal and Aftermath

Karen and Ivan with Mayor Bloomberg of New York City at Gracie Mansion, 18 July 2005. “I told him I was voting for him, even without the picture. He said he would take the picture anyway.”

Karen is upset with me.… Continue Reading →

Pakistan-Israeli Meeting with Saudi Blessing: Stepping Stone toward Something Bigger? 5 September 2005

The public meeting this week between Israeli and Pakistani officials in Turkey, following months if not decades of private meetings, carries a punch above its weight in the Moslem world and reflects certain opportunities which may not be immediately apparent to Jewish or Israeli observers.… Continue Reading →

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