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March 2011 Family Mix 003

March 2011 Family Mix 006 March 2011 Family Mix 008 March 2011 Family Mix 033 April 2011 NC 75 Birthday 007 April 2011 NC 75 Birthday 004 April 2011 NC 75 Birthday 026 April 2011 NC 75 Birthday 019…

Bermuda Photos Page 1 of 3

Front Street, main street in Hamilton, the country’s capital. City Hall Gothic Church in City Center House of Parliament 300 year old church in St. Georges Biggest Cut-Out to traverse the island Crystal Caves; these formations grow 1/4 inch every 100 years, meaning this stuff is millions of years old.…

Bermuda Photos Page 2 of 3 Homes of the Rich and Famous

Kennedy Perot, Jr. Notice each house has a name. The plaque reads Vertigo. Perot, Senior. Notice the flag of Texas. Pretty house over a lagoon owned by some Italian wine family. This whole piece of land will soon be somebody’s house.…

Bermuda Photos Page 3 of 3 Beaches and Vistas

Private Beach where all those nice houses are located. Can you tell the sand is pinkish? Another pretty secluded spot with interesting rock formations. Here are some of those rock formations up close at the very edge of Elbow Beach. Sonesta Resort with a lagoon, but no real beach.…

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August 2010 Europe

Thoughts — 20 July 2010 Includes travel notes on Chicago, London & Cliveden House, Vermont , LGA Airport by Subway

This month I’ve been hoarding all my notes and together it makes for a particularly good read. Our kids have been a real hoot. Jeremy has fallen in love with hot dogs and he’ll just sit down at the table and demand one chirping “HOT DAWG”.…

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