Global Thoughts: Strategic Guidance on Gaza: 14 October 2023 9pm NY Time

I haven’t put out a special bulletin in years, but I saw that my notes on this subject were piling up fast and people are
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Global Thoughts — October 1, 2023 — Includes Trip Notes Australia, Singapore, Hawaii, San Francisco and Paris / Versailles

We traveled for nearly 6 weeks this summer and silly me thought it would be good to start the trip
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Global Thoughts — 3 July 2023 including trip notes to Quebec, Maine, Israel and Istanbul

There is a lot in this posting but if you are as bored as I am during this endless holiday
Travel Notes & Collages

Global Thoughts — 17 April 2023 Includes Travel Notes about Jamaica

I didn’t know this was a selling point for Global Thoughts but at least these posts don’t expire after 24
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