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GlobalThoughts — 5 December 2022

Imagine you are playing the game show “Match Game” and Gene Rayburn asks you: The New York City Department of Education is SOOO DUMB…”  HOW DUMB IS IT?  Well, they called me on the telephone asking me to update my

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Global Thoughts — 11 May 2022

This is in the department of true stories you think are so stupid that they are not true. If you want to talk about kids in private school, you might have heard the line “He’s the kind of kid who

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Global Thoughts — 23 March 2022

Earlier this month, I dusted off my passport after more than 2 years and went to Dubai to the Expo and stopped off in London. It was nice to get out again. Travel notes follow at the end of this

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Global Thoughts — 2 January 2022

Almost nothing other than toilet paper and paper towels comes in paper anymore. It’s become hard to buy a newspaper in an airport, hotel or on the street. This is not great news for a guy who has a masters

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Global Thoughts — 1 November 2021

You know you’re tired when you give out an address you lived at 20 years ago when ordering something. We went to this haunted house for Halloween and, for the first time in NYC, I went to something where nobody

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Global Thoughts — 15 August 2021

I’ve had the daily challenge of writing hilarious letters to my kids at camp and I’ve done my best to come up with some real doozies. For instance, have you heard about the invasion of zombie-led Mexicans putting Trump back

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Global Thoughts — 4 July 2021

I started writing this in April and waited till early July to post this to see how things sorted themselves out and to be sure this material wouldn’t be obsolete by the time it was published– there’s a lot of

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Global Thoughts — 13 April 2021

Headline news: The CDC has confirmed what it admits it has mostly known for a year – that you are not going to catch Covid by touching things and that all these misguided souls who have been fumigating their groceries

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