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Global Thoughts – 24 May 2012

Jeremy asked him if we could give him sugar for lunch tomorrow in his school box. We said to him, are you crazy? He said “it’s OK, it doesn’t have any nuts.” (He goes to a nut-free school.) This past

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Thoughts — 3 April 2012

What sucks at this point in life is getting upgraded on all your flights with your gold status except that you can’t use the upgrades because you’re flying with your spouse and kids and they didn’t get upgraded. Ask my

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Global Thoughts — 6 February 2012

Disney, Introducing the Palm Beach karate man, and at the Big Band Dance in Asheville, North Carolina This last month has had lots of fun for us as a family – New Year’s weekend at Disney World; a Big Band

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Thoughts — 31 October 2011

I told the kids that this Friday night I would be giving them the biggest surprise they ever got in the whole wide world. Elizabeth asked if it was schnitzel. Jeremy asked if it was cake. I said it was

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Thoughts — 22 May 2011

Photos in North Carolina and Jeremy’s first rollercoaster ride at Sesame Place, Pennsylvania My kids were hiding matzah around the apartment during Passover; at least I know that is the one kind of food they can hide anywhere that even

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