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Global Thoughts — 3 September 2007

Jeremy joins the crew. As you’ve heard, Elizabeth Regina got a new baby brother, Jeremy Robert. It’s been a bit of an adjustment. She has been trying to collapse out his pack ‘n play from the bottom and throw things

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Global Thoughts 1 August 2007

Our little Elizabeth Regina, now 19 months old, is enjoying her final days of being the only child and has no idea what’s coming. We are expecting our second child any day now. This past Sunday she took her first

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Global Thoughts 17 June 2007

  Eating cheerios and enjoying the view at Acadia National Park in Maine As you know, we’ve been on vacation for much of the past month and a half. Little Elizabeth is growing up fast; she even knows to take

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Global Thoughts 3 May 2007

Chillin’ out on the boardwalk in Miami Beach. Is Incompetence the Supreme Threat? What Next for Israel’s Leadership? Russia Market Ready for Free-Fall? Why Don Imus is Good for Business…. I am in the middle of enjoying a lovely month

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Global Thoughts 1 April 2007

Heading into the Passover season, I have been unusually busy in the office as we have experienced a peak surge of casework like nothing we’ve ever seen. The quota of 65,000 H1 cases is utterly insufficient and will probably be

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Global Thoughts 5 March 2007

3 Ciment Brothers Holding Boo-Boos I don’t have that many exciting thoughts this month. At home we are just holding the fort steady as Karen continues along her pregnancy and Elizabeth takes her first walks around the house; my office

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Global Thoughts 7 February 2007

Elizabeth’s first gelato…Miami Beach 29 January 2007. Some exciting news on the personal front — Karen and I are expecting our second kid the first week in August. We hope to be a Family of Four. That means that sometime

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Ivan’s Predictions for 2007 3 January 2007

What will she think of next? And other 2007 Predictions. All in all, I’m not expecting lots of stuff to happen in 2007 in the ordinary course of business unless something really crazy happens out of the blue. Stock Markets

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Global Thoughts 13 November 2006

Touchdown for University of Pennsylvania! (Elizabeth at Penn Homecoming Weekend) I traveled business class to Los Angeles this month; all the airlines serve vanilla ice cream for dessert. Are we that boring a country or does everyone really love vanilla

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