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Global Thoughts — 8 October 2008

At Yosemite National Park in California As I near my 5th anniversary next month, we watched the highlights of our wedding video with my two kids. Elizabeth thought the dancing on the chairs was very funny but she said she

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Global Thoughts — 8 September 2008

Our little Elizabeth is such a city gal. At the supermarket, she passes up the offer of chocolate chip cookies by the man behind the bakery counter and says “I want biscotti” instead. She wants to go “to the courtyard”

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Global Thoughts — 11 August 2008

Elizabeth’s first pony ride. Taken at the Mohonk Lodge in upstate New York We were on holiday at the Mohonk Lodge, a resort about 2 hours away from Manhattan. Jeremy was climbing the stairs really well and I said offhandedly

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Global Thoughts — 6 July 2008

Just returned from a very nice trip abroad including a personal visit to Milan, Switzerland (Interlaken, Zurich, Thun and Berne), Paris and Chateau d’Esclimont in France. As well as a family visit to Jerusalem with my parents, brothers and their

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Global Thoughts — 6 June 2008

This week Karen went to Germany for business for 5 days and I have been playing single parent getting up at 5:45am with the kids and putting them to bed at 8 and then staying home alone afterward, grounded as

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Global Thoughts — 12 May 2008

On family holiday at the Grove Park Inn at Asheville, North Carolina. For more photos, go to the bottom of this page. Home Sweet Home — We had a nice holiday in North Carolina and my little girl continues to

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Global Thoughts — 16 April 2008

This morning my daughter Elizabeth started wheeling Jeremy in a dump truck toward the front door. Where are you going, I asked? To the supermarket, she said. So my 2 year old is already dumping boys. This week she had

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Global Thoughts — 15 March 2008

Our family was vacationing in Bermuda on the grass between our hotel room and the beach when my wife suggested we go under a tree to take a family picture. My daughter ran off in the other direction. And then

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Global Thoughts — 7 February 2008

Jeremy, our little peacenik 6 months old today, says Give Peas a Chance. After Super Tuesday, the prospects are that either Clinton, Obama or McCain will be the next president. Bloomberg is presumably staying put since he and McCain would

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