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Thoughts — 15 April 2011

Includes Passover Thoughts and Travel Notes: New in Puerto Rico & British Virgin Islands Ivan in Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands; the Kids at Home; My father with his grandson Gavi and the just unveiled plaque in his honor at

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Thoughts — 13 March 2011

Includes responses to last month’s $5 Million Question On holiday in Nassau, Bahamas and K-Mart’s finest portraiture in NY. Today is my dad’s 75th birthday. It is a bit scary to know that I can remember what life was like

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Thoughts — 22 August 2010

Dad and I at Yankee Stadium; Grandma Arriving by Pedicab (when you just can’t get a taxi in midtown Manhattan); Elizabeth and Karen at Statue of Liberty;  and our  son hooded in a pair of underwear watching TV. We are

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Global Thoughts — 25 April 2010

Elizabeth came into our room and announced at about 10 this morning “I’ve got good news. I can see New Jersey.” There had been fog this morning blocking our view across the river. The good people of New Jersey can

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