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Global Thoughts 15 September 2002 Family Weekend in the Country; 9/11 One Year Later; Regional Politics Selected Issues; State of the World at the High Holidays: On Internet Connectivity, Evil, Knowledge and the Ever-Increasing Value of 1:1 Hu

Family Thoughts.   We recently finished our Family Weekend in the Country Dacha Ritual. That means 16 of us in a 5 bedroom cottage getting through a weekend which was the product of intense negotiation that somehow we will forget within

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Global Thoughts 3 February 2002 Charleston South Carolina, Economy, Saudi Arabia, Terrorism, Afghanistan, Anthrax, Pakistan/India/Kashmir, Bill Clinton One Year Later, Gulf Region / Iraq (Notes from Conversation with Richard Perle), Israel-Palestinian Aff

New York, New York: The New York Times reports a Catholic youth league basketball team forfeited a game because the whole team was attending the coach’s son’s Bar Mitzvah…I hear Al Gore is volunteering to be Argentina’s next president; if

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