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Global Thoughts — 4 July 2021

I started writing this in April and waited till early July to post this to see how things sorted themselves out and to be sure this material wouldn’t be obsolete by the time it was published– there’s a lot of

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Global Thoughts — 13 April 2021

Headline news: The CDC has confirmed what it admits it has mostly known for a year – that you are not going to catch Covid by touching things and that all these misguided souls who have been fumigating their groceries

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Global Thoughts — 20 January 2021

Today America celebrates the idea that if you don’t like the person in charge of it, every 4 years you get a chance to change the channel. If you live in Saudi Arabia, you figure that you will have MBS

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Global Thoughts — 19 August 2020

  Jeremy won the award at day camp for the person most likely to win the lottery — and lose his ticket. Over the past 5 months here in Miami, I at least learned how to do decent BBQ. The

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Global Thoughts — 29 June 2020

My daughter asked me last night while I was tucking her in to put her iPad on Night setting because she did not want to be disturbed during the night.  I said why not just turn it off. She answered

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