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Global Thoughts — 3 June 2019

I haven’t posted anything since March and I’ve been sitting here for the first half of May drawing a blank trying to think of what to write about, but all the topics I wrote about 2 months ago are still

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Global Thoughts — 13 March 2019

We just returned from a family trip to the United Arab Emirates including Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the Empty Quarter desert, Petra and Amman in Jordan, and Rome. You can read about it in a separate posting by clicking on

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Global Thoughts 7 June 2018

Isn’t it a bit weird that you can take a gun to school but you can’t bring food that was made in a facility that uses nuts? Another question: Why do some states spend $9,000 per year per student on

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Global Thoughts — 1 November 2017

Last night was Halloween. Jeremy spent a whole rainy Sunday decorating our front door as you can see. Since we live in a city, you can walk down the street in costume and merchants give you treats. Jeremy dressed up

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Global Thoughts — 19 June 2017

We just attended our daughter’s graduation from elementary school and they sang the same song as was our first dance at our wedding (Thank you for the Music by Abba). It was so heartwarming to come full circle with our

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