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Beirut City Tour Page 2 of 2

Mansion overlooking sea in Junia section of Beirut. Jounieh suburb shoreline; a view to match Rio de Janiero. This photo provided courtesy of Lebanese consulate who hand-delivered it; my camera malfunctioned but I thought you should be able to get a sense of the view.… Continue Reading →

Beirut Photos — July 1997 Page 1 of 2

Beirut Hilton – was one day away from opening and the war started. Had to be gutted and is being redone. Example of new building. This bank’s stock up 250% in last 6 months. Holiday Inn under construction. New World Trade Center under construction.… Continue Reading →

Round the World Tour Page 3 of 3….Europe now.

Grand Arch of La Defense in Paris. It is actually an office building. The Hills Are Alive with the Sound of Music — Zurich hills. Nicosia cafe in main pedestrian area near dividing line between Greek and Turkish sides of Cyprus.… Continue Reading →

Round the World Tour page 2 of 3

Vending machines everywhere in Tokyo. Department store; almost everyone in picture is an employee of the store. Note dressed up trees, guiderails, streetmarking, uniforms and orderliness. Pizza store with wax figurines of food on display. Typical banners hanging from buildings in vertical form; one of the signs is for the movie Hercules.… Continue Reading →

Ivan’s Round the World Tour — July 1997 Photos of Beirut are displayed separately. Click here to go to Beirut.

First, a bit of offbeat Israel of particular interest on this trip.

Parking lot in Tel Aviv where Rabin was assassinated. Rabin came down stairs; assassin was in parking lot. Graffiti says “Forgive Us.” Spot of killing has been memorialized. Israeli Arab village of Na’Ura.… Continue Reading →

Ivan’s Shake Hands Around The World Tour 1997 United Kingdom & Conclusion

ALERT: British Airways can be very prickish about closing gates 25 minutes before departure; I arrived at airport 20 minutes before due to a subway fire and a very slow shuttle bus at airport due to heavy congestion. They forced me to take a later flight to Heathrow, transfer to a connecting flight (allow at least 35 minutes to get from Terminals 4 to 1 or 2 and be prepared to run and carry bags quite a distance) which I missed and then waited 2 hours for the next one.… Continue Reading →

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