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Amsterdam and Paris…25-29 November 1998 In Which Your Correspondent sees no sun at all, overnights at a french-speaking only hospital after food poisoning, and gets to know Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport too well.


KLM JFK to Amsterdam is 6 hours flying; 7:30 return. Airline check-in is particularly testy with regard to carryons and some of the 747’s have hardly any overhead space. Aboard, people put bags all over the cabins and lavatories and the crew ignored it.… Continue Reading →

Clinton Outlook, Turkish Pipeline & Middle East October 1998

so you’re wondering what’s going on over here, right? clinton is up; gingrich is out and the markets are exuberant again. a bit of a surprise to us too.

i was in jerusalem and it was the rosh hashana holiday when cnn was showing the video tapes of clinton’s grand jury appearance.… Continue Reading →

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