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Israeli Elections To Come — 24 December 1998

Heady from being on the verge of winning my $500 bet that Bibi wouldn’t last his term, I am yet filled with trepidation in trying to comment on this subject. 

Coming up is a very chaotic and hostile situation which will last probably through April (or whenever the election date is set next week) and it is a given that a run-off second round will take place to elect a prime minister.… Continue Reading →

Iraq Bombings, Impeachment Vote and Long Term Prediction on American Political Theater 18 December 1998

The Iraq bombings won’t accomplish much and I expect Saddam will just sit this out for 3 days and wait for it to pass. This is the US at its worst — lobbing over a couple hundred cruise missiles without putting any actual soldiers into the field.… Continue Reading →

On Impeachment…11 December 1998

The following is said having reviewed my earlier writings on this subject in which I said on 15 September that Clinton should resign and november 11 that the scandal would go away. amazing how it has been revived mainly by political hacks on a house committee who won’t let it die even after the republican leader gingrich got tossed.… Continue Reading →

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