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Results of ivan’s poll. Who living today do you admire most? January 27, 1999

I received 30 responses. “Dad” led with 4 responses; Michael Jordan came in second with 3. Seconds came in for Mandela and Bibi Netanyahu. Clinton got one vote but several people mentioned him favorably, as did God, Al Gore, the head of the CIA, Oprah Winfrey, Tom Harkin, Howard Metzenbaum, Mike Kinsley, Janet Reno, Bill Gates, Ted Kuczinsky’s (the unabomber) brother who turned him in, Richard Branson of Virgin, Helmut Kohl, and King Hussein of Jordan, a brother and mom.… Continue Reading →

Elections in Israel and the Jordanian Succession — 27 January 1999 Also: Discussion of the BBC’s history of the Middle East documentary

I am more optimistic in the past 24 hours than i have been for several years. several important things have happened that have been unexpected and that, all things being equal, definitively affect the calculus of voting patterns in israel and the risk analysis of jordan in positive ways.… Continue Reading →

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