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San Francisco — June 27-29, 1999

Customs is fast here and the airport is undergoing major expansion. Taxi to center city is 30 minutes and $30; expect traffic in mornings going to airport along with workers heading to Silicon Valley. My hotel was Renaissance Stanford Court, on the hill, along with the Intercontinental and Fairmont Hotels.… Continue Reading →

Hong Kong — 21-27 June 1999 At end of file is a short blurb of a good hotel in LA’s Pico/Robertson area near Beverly Hills.

For photos, click here.

Can’t really tell as a tourist that China has taken over except for flags flying from buildings. Some people say you can tell. Truth is I haven’t been here before so I am not the best expert but the police keep a low profile and the region is not bureaucratic to the tourist except if you want to visit China and need a visa.… Continue Reading →

Hong Kong Photos Page 1 of 5 — June 1999 For text file of travel notes, click here.

Overview of city from Victoria’s Peak, the most famous view of downtown Hong Kong (Central) with Kowloon just across the water. View of Central from the Kowloon side. The building along the water above these words is the Convention Center at Wanchai and the view is from the 20th floor business lounge at the Shangri-La Hotel.… Continue Reading →

Hong Kong Photos Page 2 of 5

Deutche Bank building. Unusual, eh? Building at base of Peak Tram. Bamboo scaffolding near Grand Hyatt Hotel. This you don’t see in the USA. Early morning Tai Chi in a park near the hotel. Old-style mansion someone actually lives in. Near Victoria’s Peak.… Continue Reading →

Hong Kong Photos Page 3 of 5

Legislative building; where the Parliament used to sit. Now the Supreme Court. Town clock in Kowloon where most of the ferries to Central are based. Tea time from the balcony overlooking lobby of the Peninsula Hotel, one of the world’s top ten.… Continue Reading →

Hong Kong Photos Page 4 of 5

One reason Hong Kong works is that traffic keeps moving thru main arteries due to pedestrian overpasses such as the one in this picture. Manhattan could learn from this. People walking along pedestrian walkways over city streets. Another view of a city street from the overpass.… Continue Reading →

Hong Kong Photos Page 5 of 5

Another pretty picture in a city park. So nice to enjoy a park in the middle of a busy city. Metro public warning poster. The British Mummy still at work. My brother Avi doing the shopping thing by day and night.… Continue Reading →

San Francisco — June 1999 — A Few Unusual Pictures. I didn’t include the usual stuff and anyway my photos were not that good. For Text File, click here.

Lombard Street: curves around. Cars go slowly thru the maze. Passing thru Golden Gate. Tree with wig. Muir Woods. The Redwoods. Muir Woods. Area of Sausalito, just north of San Francisco.… Continue Reading →

Responses to Meaning of Life Challenge as of 5 June 1999

The meaning of life is…..42.

Avi & Adina Ciment with apologies to Hitchhiker’s Guide

I believe we’re here to improve the world and therefore win our return to the lost paradise (gan eden).  We can do it!

Marcus Rudelsky, Washington DC Engineer, French citizen

I’m an unbeliever.… Continue Reading →

The Meaning of Life according to Ivan Ciment — as of 5 June 1999

Remember, this stuff has changed over the past few months and will likely change again. But I put it forth (a) as an exercise to get others to think and comment about the big issues and (b) as an interesting activity that I think people should do at some point. … Continue Reading →

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