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Iran — Plotting A Course for The Years To Come — 25 August 1999

Iran is probably one of the most dynamic societies on earth today. Sure it has lots of rules and regulations (particularly for women), but firsthand observers tell me that it is more stifling to live in Pakistan or Saudi Arabia than in Iran.… Continue Reading →

Ivan’s Position: Middle East Peace Prospects: What’s Really Going On Also: Focus on Golan Heights — 23 August 1999

Broader Issue: Peace between Peoples, Not Just Governments

I’ve taken a closer look at this since the issue is now ripe for discussion and the Israelis and Syrians are definitely talking in the background. Although official discussions may not resume for some time and the parties to some extent prefer it this way, the two sides are talking and despite the depiction that Barak is a Bibi, it is well recognized that he is not Bibi nor was Rabin the liberal that he is now depicted to be.… Continue Reading →

Family Weekend August 1999 Now you can see how the kids have grown.

Papa Norman, Bubbee Joan and, from left to right, Shoshy, Tamar, Rebecca and Lena. Family day off at the Science & Discovery Museum in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This is actually a big accomplishment for Norman. Saturday night activities at Casa de Ciment.… Continue Reading →
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