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Toronto Photos — September 1999

Toronto Skyline Pretty Canadian plants and gardens in center city. City Hall Old City Hall Casa Loma Inside the Castle (Loma) Entrance to Canadian National Exhibition Fairgrounds Sign reads “Babes in Arms — Free” Nice house in Toronto suburbs. Another nice stone house.… Continue Reading →

Ashkenaz Festival (Toronto) & Ottawa Photos — September 1999

Main Fairground area. Canadian Parliament in Ottawa. Parliament tower. City view as autumn sets in. View from across the river. Hotel Chateau Laurier.… Continue Reading →

Toronto & Ottawa — September 1999 (Labour Day Weekend) Click Here For Photos

After seeing the South Park movie this summer, I thought after 9 years I was overdue a visit to Terrence & Phillip Land. Actually, the Canadians weren’t offended by the movie, it seems. My 1pm flight from LGA to Toronto is 55 minutes; sit left to see Niagara Falls; no city view from airplane as airport is too far away.… Continue Reading →

Ivan’s Passover Message 1999 Dealing With Enemies: Biblical & Rabbinical Perspectives


At the Seder we act in a schizophrenic manner — first we pull out drops of wine from our cup as if to show magnanimity toward the plagued Egyptians and then later we ask God to pour out his wrath on our enemies.… Continue Reading →

Ivan’s Most Admired Person Alive Followup: September 1, 1999

Back in January 1999, I polled Friends of Ivan seeking nominees for the most admired person alive. If you recall, there were many different nominees but Michael Jordan and Bill Clinton stood out. I suppose that in a year Michael Jordan will fade from view and in two, so will Clinton.… Continue Reading →

The New Defense Doctrine and New Technology of Israel Armed Forces (“IDF”) For 2000 by Oded Yinon, military analyst, Jerusalem — 1 September 1999

After 51 years of independence and five major wars and unceasing terrorism against it since 1948, Israel is advancing a newer concept of self defense based on past principals held by its leadership since the days of David Ben Gurion and upon all the new conventional and unconventional capabilities under its disposal at the end of the century.… Continue Reading →

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