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Middle East Situation Bulletin 17 November 1999

I haven’t written on the subject since mid-August and that is because  just about everything I wrote at that time still stands. Nothing has  happened to change my opinion. Just a few points as to recent  developments because things are happening, pretty much on or ahead of  schedule and it is almost time for these developments to enter the  public domain.… Continue Reading →

Ivan Ciment October 1999 Shake Hands Tour — Geneva, Zurich, Jeddah, Riyadh, Dubai, Brussels — 9 November 1999 For Saudi photos, click here. For Dubai photos, click here. For Geneva & Belgium photos, click here.

Are we ready? 8 cities, 8 days. Sweater weather in Switzerland followed by hot desert kingdoms in the Gulf, but with unmelted Swiss chocolates still in my bag by the time I reach Belgium. All in all, a very excellent adventure which was educational, revealing, a bit wacky and never boring. … Continue Reading →

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