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Current Situation Bulletin 30 July 2000 SUMMARY: Too many people are declaring the peace process is dead and they may well eat their words. Signs from the Arab world show that progress is being made despite lousy summit management on the part of Clinton a

I don’t think that even Barak and Arafat know what will happen 4 weeks from now, but we have learned some things from recent events and from history. Also, there have been enough leaks by now to get a pretty clear picture of where things are.… Continue Reading →

Ivan’s Hypothetical Leadership University 24 July 2000

Today’s university has become the equivalent of a communist command economy. It is not sensitive to the needs of the marketplace and bears no relation to reality. Its leaders have no connection with the outside world except to go to it for donations.… Continue Reading →

Future of the Middle East and American Jewry: Next Generation Perspective Saturday 22 July 2000, Vacation Village, Loch Sheldrake, New York. An audience of 150 elite modern Orthodox Jews.

Thank you to Harry Walker, Rosalie Shore and Rabbi Steinberg for inviting me, and to you all for attending.

As part of my profession and to prepare my columns and forecasts, I read papers, monitor newscasts and talk regularly to people of all ages in over 50 countries, many of whom are close to their governments but not in public positions.… Continue Reading →

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