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IC Shake Hands Tour 2000 Round I: 11-17 August 2000 London, Brighton, Berlin, Frankfurt, Moscow, Helsinki, CDG and MIA airport transfers For Berlin Photos, click here. For New in Moscow photo updates, click here. For Helsinki photos, click her

This one week fling includes London, an English beach town known as Brighton, Berlin, Frankfurt, Moscow and Helsinki. London has seen several previous visits and features a special visit to the Millennium Dome; Berlin is a big small city; Moscow hasn’t changed in 3 years, and Helsinki is a nice find.… Continue Reading →

Moscow August 2000 Some Recent Changes Around Town

Me, for one thing. I’m a few years older. This renovation, just off Red Square. Soldier guarding tomb of the unknown soldier. This area near the Kremlin off Manezh Square was all scaffolded last visit. Interior shopping center Manezh Square. Was under construction at last visit.… Continue Reading →

Helsinki, Finland August 2000

Aerial view from top of Olympic stadium. Interior of Rock Church, an interesting Luteran church built into a rock formation. Places for people and bicycles to go. This is all over the city. The Esplanade. A pedestrian area dividing both sides of the main shopping street.… Continue Reading →

Berlin, Germany August 2000 Page 1 of 4

I. Traditional Sites

Brandenberg Gate from the East looking West. Still an area under development with the space reserved for public use. A Prussian-era memorial. Another such memorial. Hitler had this moved just to be in sync with other such memorials in the city as part of an overall architectural design.… Continue Reading →

Berlin, Germany August 2000 Page 2

The new “Senate” building. Notice the finely proportioned potted plants. Here are more of them. So nice and neat. So German. Modern architecture. The building on the right is the Sony Center. These are new buildings built along the city center dividing line.… Continue Reading →

Berlin, Germany August 2000 Page 3 of 4

II. A Walk Along the Once-Divided City Lines

Renovation of the Reichstag (the Parliament). Potsdam Platz (Square). This area is a huge construction zone extending for miles. These 3 buildings you saw earlier from the balloon. Construction area. There are many rivers running through Berlin that must be dealt with.… Continue Reading →

Berlin, Germany August 2000 Page 4 of 4

III. Checkpoint Charlie and other Oddities

Old Guard House. Checkpoint Charlie. Looking toward the American sector. Notice the white booth in the middle of the street. Enlargement of the sign in the previous picture. Looking the other way. Notice the portrait has changed from this side.… Continue Reading →

Tisha B’Av Musings 5 August 2000

This is a followup note to my comments about Tisha B’Av written a few years ago questioning continued relevance of the holiday at a time when most goals of zionism have been achieved. Tisha B’av is the saddest day of the Jewish year, a fast day commemorating the destruction of the Holy Temple, the diaspora of the Jewish people and any and all evils that befell Jews during history.… Continue Reading →

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