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Global Thoughts….Troubling Signs Ahead 29 October 2000

Historically, bad news comes to light after elections. There are few stories and events waiting to surface that could have a material effect on world markets and the general mood.

1. Banks are heavily lent to telecom companies, whose shares are being hit hard and whose debt is being downgraded.… Continue Reading →

Global Thoughts 25 October 2000 Election Eve United States; Markets; Genetics; Serbia; Middle East Christian Demographics; North Korea. Above daily issues toward long term trends in 6 areas. This article runs 2 pages

1. Elections…Too close to call. Gore has not managed to convince Americans via the debates that Bush is a moron who has no business being president. Just as much as Bashar Assad has the basis for being president of Syria. The US will be OK with either Bush or Gore; each has their advantages and neither of them are good choices.… Continue Reading →

IC’s Report on the Middle East – 23 October 2000 This file is 16 pages in length.

This writing deals only with reports and views on the Arab-Israeli conflict. The trip journal will deal with the domestic situations in the various countries that I visited (11 of them on this trip). That journal will be published October 30; photos will follow November 6. … Continue Reading →

Secrets Every Smart Traveler Should Know… but please don’t tell all them.

Here are 5 to start off. This file will be a composite of impressions built up over time. 

Please contribute some of your own. 

1. Airplane Upgrades — Best to buy an upgradable coach ticket and use miles. Cathay from West Coast to Hong Kong was $2,300 plus 25,000 miles from American.… Continue Reading →

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