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Poll Results: New Anthem for USA? 27 January 2001

Following are the 16 responses to my query as to whether or not the Star Spangled Banner should be replaced as the national anthem of the United States. The full text of the query follows the responses. Results are evently split.Continue Reading →

A Discussion About Media Bias: Is the Problem the Media or Us? 20 January 2001

Here’s a story that tells you about an important transforming event in my life and sets the stage for this discussion. When I was at NYU’s journalism school, my first draft of a masters thesis was an in-depth report of media bias during the Palestinian Intifadah of 1987.… Continue Reading →

Political Discussion: Egypt, Israel Elections, Bush Inauguration; Iraq. Quick Comment: American “Funny” Money. 20 January 2001

Egypt has shifted to a more cooperative mode viz. the United States after Mubarak learned the tough way that you can’t play both ends of the game and win (see 23 October report). The anti-West crowd aimed its guns at the Sainsbury supermarket chain and drove them out of business in Egypt.… Continue Reading →

Trends: National Political Power As a Hereditary Franchise 20 January 2001

There appears to be a growing retro-trend in the world that the rule of countries is best kept within families. Besides Bush, note Syria’s Assad; Jordan’s Hussein; Egypt’s Mubarak; Morocco’s Hassan; Libya’s Khaddafi (to his daughter); Congo; Iraq; North Korea; Cuba (Fidel’s brother is next in line).… Continue Reading →

Ivan’s Reading List 20 January 2001

In case you were wondering, here’s a list of Stuff Ivan Monitors. I’m interested in knowing what else you think I should be reading.

Dailies New York Times Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones Newswire BBC World Television Stratfor Intelligence Service Economist Intelligence Unit Israel Radio & TV — government Haaretz — newpaper; liberal Globes — newspaper; business Jerusalem Post — newspaper; conservative

Weeklies The Economist Jewish Week of New York Forward Newspaper (occasionally)

Biweeklies Jerusalem Report and daily website updates

Monthlies Arabies Trends Current History World Policy Journal… Continue Reading →

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