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Ivan Ciment Spring 2001 World Tour – April & May 2001 Zurich, Dubai, Bahrain, Singapore, Bangkok, Koh Samui, Hong Kong, Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo, Seattle

Brief Highlights: Stops in Zurich, Dubai (still fascinating, even a 2nd time), Bahrain (sleepy watering hole for Saudis but a real nice Meridien resort and the largest US fleet outside NATO), Singapore (advanced civilization with gorgeous gardens everywhere but sticky and somewhat sanitized), Bangkok (some interesting temples to see but a real shit-hole outside your 5-star hotel where everything seems to revolve around nights of cheap thrills), Koh Samui, Thailand (island paradise worth knowing about), Hong Kong (a bit more expensive but serves its purpose well), Beijing (some HUGE sites and lots of stairs to climb), Seoul (been there, done that), Tokyo and surrounding areas (better than I expected, 2nd time around), Seattle (was definitely sleepless there by this time, but it’s a nice little city to poke around).… Continue Reading →

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