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Ivan’s Europe Sprint September 6-16 2001 St. Moritz, Switzerland; Florence; Prague, Luxembourg, Jersey 26 September 2001

St. Moritz, Switzerland: Good flight on Continental; after takeoff, a particularly nice view of Southern Manhattan. No inkling it would be my last as know it. In Zurich, quick transfer at the railroad station to train to Chur and then St.… Continue Reading →

Yom Kippur Message from Ivan Ciment 25 September 2001

There is a Talmudic legend that says that once upon a time the rabbis were arguing over a point of law. One rabbi said he was so sure that he was right that the heavens and angels would rumble and assent in agreement – and they did.… Continue Reading →

Ivan’s Family Maybe You’d Like to Meet My Family?

Here’s Uncle Ivan With His Nieces Lena & Shoshy! Here’s Shoshy’s sister Tamar along with Grandpa Norman Ciment. Shoshy, Tamar and Gavriel Now Meet Brother Jason With His Daughter Lena. Lena & Rebecca. Now Here’s Ivan’s Mom Joan with Lena and her mum Sari.… Continue Reading →

Meet Ivan’s Family — Year 2001 Photos

At Disney World: Papa Norman’s 65th Birthday Party with Mary Poppins presiding. Brother Avi and wife Adina: Till death do us part… First daughter Shoshana. Second daughter Tamar. First nephew Gavriel. Sari and first daughter Lena, second daughter Rebecca, brother Jason and Grandma Joan.… Continue Reading →

St. Moritz, Switzerland September 2001

The Lake and Badrutt Palace Hotel. A typical chalet overlooking the lake. Sculpture at Chur railway station. View of the city and the region beyond. Nearby skiing area. Remember this is early September!

Click here to continue on the Fall 2001 tour to Florence, Italy.Continue Reading →

Prague, Czech Republic September 2001

Academy of Music building. Old city tower. Historical building on old city square. Old city square. View of rooftops with Prague castle in background. A historical church on the old city square. Interesting motif used on several buildings. National museum and place where various revolutions took place.… Continue Reading →

Florence, Italy September 2001

City view from the air. Cityscape from across the main river. A bridge filled with jewelry stores along the bridge. City center; building with the blue dome is the synagogue. From the Boboli gardens with the Tuscany countryside in the background.… Continue Reading →

Spring Tour 2001 Photos Dubai

Happy 35th Birthday Mr. Ciment, says the icing on the plate. My official welcome to Dubai! View of the skyline from the creek. The Jumeirah Mosque. The Sheikh’s Highway. It’s good to be the Sheikh here. The Emirates Tower Hotel. View of the hotel and nearby area from the highway as you enter the city.… Continue Reading →

Spring Tour 2001 Photos Bahrain

Local heritage festival. I am the only Westerner in this sea of locals. At the festival, Darth Vader meet Luke Skywalker. Falconry is an important part of regional heritage. School children at the national museum at an environmental exhibit. Internet is a real thing here.… Continue Reading →

Analysis and Recommendations Following 11 September 2001 23 September 2001

I hope they don’t think that I did it. On 6 September, I executed a Last Will & Testament, liquidated my entire stock portfolio and left the country for a vacation. These were moves planned in advance and not based on any hunches about a terrorist attack.… Continue Reading →

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