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Global Thoughts — 12 November 2001 Letter from New York; Status of the War Effort; Shifts in American Foreign Policy; Status of Middle East Situation; Buy Recommendations; Yossi Beilin & Yasser Abad Rabbo Speech Highlights; Forecasts.

Letter From New York

I guess we’re getting back to normal. We can get back to hating each other now. So said a cartoon last week in the New Yorker. The radical Black Moslems are back on my corner making trouble and taking the temperature, seeing if apathy and tolerance are again at “acceptable” levels.… Continue Reading →

Guest Posting: Marathoner’s Journal by Elizabeth Greenstein November 2001

Hello all!

For those of you who missed out on watching this year’s New York City marathon, all I can say is, you really missed something amazing.  It was a perfect, perfect, perfect day.  A bit warmer and sunnier than is preferred for running, but the great weather brought out even more spectators which ultimately makes it better for the runners! … Continue Reading →

Ivan’s Poll: Which One Item, if you ran out of it, would force you to go to the grocery? — 3 November 2001

There were 32 responses. If the response lists a place, it means either that the person is a national of that place or that the person has been living at least 5 years in the listed place. If the answer clearly clues to the ethnicity of the respondent, then I include it as well.… Continue Reading →

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