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Global Thoughts at Year’s End 2001 31 December 2001 In this edition, some travel ideas, a good joke, a real nutty TV show from Japan making its way toward you and Predictions and Observations at Year’s End.

A few travel ideas and late notes from London…A few additions to the packing list: A small container with a twist-lock top to hold shampoo and other liquids (usually used for pills). Too often the shampoo bottle leaks in the plane; this works great and weighs less since you take just what you need.… Continue Reading →

Limmud 2001 Address 26 December 2001

I heard this really creative story. Engineers and accountants are each in their own groups buying tickets to get on a train. The accountants see that the engineers have bought one ticket for the 3 members of their group. The accountants wonder how they intend to get away with this.… Continue Reading →

Global Thoughts – 4 December 2001 Assorted Items Around the World

Today I saw The Producers. This is the hottest ticket in New York City starring Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane; it costs $480 to get a ticket from the theater if you don’t go through scalpers or get on a 6 month waiting list (I had 13th row orchestra center aisle on one week’s notice; contact the theater via Broadway Inner Circle at 212.302.1144 — this may be the hottest intelligence you read all year on cause it’s real hard to get this number).… Continue Reading →

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