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Rethinking Day School Education: New Strategies 3 February 2002

A friend of mine has 4 small kids in a Jewish day school in Manhattan. Tuition is over $50,000 a year. Since after-tax money pays for tuition here (meaning the expense is not tax deductible), that means you have to earn nearly $100,000 to pay that tuition.… Continue Reading →

Global Thoughts 3 February 2002 Charleston South Carolina, Economy, Saudi Arabia, Terrorism, Afghanistan, Anthrax, Pakistan/India/Kashmir, Bill Clinton One Year Later, Gulf Region / Iraq (Notes from Conversation with Richard Perle), Israel-Palestinian Aff

New York, New York: The New York Times reports a Catholic youth league basketball team forfeited a game because the whole team was attending the coach’s son’s Bar Mitzvah…I hear Al Gore is volunteering to be Argentina’s next president; if he sticks around, the Japanese will be looking for a new prime minister as well within the year because Koizumi has been doing the talk but not the walk with regard to reform and patience is wearing thin…The CIA has identified foreign languages it needs help with and seeks translators of Yiddish, a language spoken today 99% by elderly and Hassidic Jews and celebrated at avant garde festivals (which no one under 40 attending understands).… Continue Reading →

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