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The Yom Kippur Take-Away Project

If one were to promote a year-long commitment to providing some daily Jewish educational and spiritual content to people’s lives, an opportune time to take upon one’s self this resolution is at the conclusion of the Yom Kippur service. This project would create a home-study book with a designated 5-minute-a-day reading for each day of the following year.… Continue Reading →

Tisha B’Av Message 2002

Tisha B’Av is a day of fasting on the Jewish calendar. It is the year’s low point; almost every major tragedy in Jewish history is somehow tied in mythology to Tisha B’Av. The two ancient temples in Jerusalem were said to have been destroyed on this day.… Continue Reading →

Milano Spring Fling 2002

Rollerblade team taking group photo inside Galleria, covered shopping area in Milano. A Milan professional with his bag and cycle. Where your enemies live. The Duomo Cathedral. Steeples from atop the Duomo. Entrance to the Galleria from atop the Duomo. The piazza del Duomo.… Continue Reading →

Dublin Spring Fling 2002

Another back to basics innovation; no jetways. The stairway just rolls down the plane. Saves time. Malahide Castle. The main attraction in the Dublin area. The view from inside the castle. Central city. Street sign reads Bachelors Walk. Second line of sign is same thing in Irish.… Continue Reading →

Italian Villages Spring Fling 2002

Village of Abano. A spa town about 40 minutes west of Venice. Notice the statue in the pool. People in the town square. Finalists from the Carnivale de Venice parading through town. People sitting in cafes along the parade route. Hotel room decor at the Grand Hotel Abano.… Continue Reading →

Como Spring Fling 2002

World War I memorial; make love, not war. The Village of Como from the funicular going up the mountain. A view from lakeside. View from top of the mountain. Villa D’Este is on the lake at the right. Villages of Cernobbio and Chiaso, Switzerland behind it.… Continue Reading →

Villa D’Este Spring Fling 2002

For car fanatics; someone is getting married today at the Villa d’Este. Tea time on the veranda. From another time and era. Getting ready for the wedding in the gardens. Statue at the top of the gardens. View of the hotel from atop the Crusader fortifications overlooking the gardens.… Continue Reading →

Global Thoughts Update…4 March 2002 Focus on Japan and the Middle East Response to comments regarding Education Reform Initiative.

If you needed proof that America is getting back to normal, the happenings of our fabulous interns from yesteryear are back in the news. This week Gary Condit was on Larry King Live and Monica Lewinsky has a TV special on HBO.… Continue Reading →

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