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Ivan’s Passover Sermonette 2002 The theme this year: Finding Relevancy in 2002 in the Passover Story.

I. Can we learn some lessons from our experiences in Ancient Egypt?

Why did the Egyptians hate the Jews so much? Take a look at Genesis, Chapter 47. Was it because Joseph enslaved the Egyptians and kicked them out of their homes when they had no food to eat (sentences 20 & 21) though he did so on behalf of Pharaoh?… Continue Reading →

Global Thoughts 15 September 2002 Family Weekend in the Country; 9/11 One Year Later; Regional Politics Selected Issues; State of the World at the High Holidays: On Internet Connectivity, Evil, Knowledge and the Ever-Increasing Value of 1:1 Hu

Family Thoughts.   We recently finished our Family Weekend in the Country Dacha Ritual. That means 16 of us in a 5 bedroom cottage getting through a weekend which was the product of intense negotiation that somehow we will forget within 6 months and then consider doing again next year.… Continue Reading →

The Train to the Plane — Newark Airport updated September 2002

There is now a rail connection to Newark airport. They spent a billion dollars on this and it is pretty lame. You take a train to a station near the airport and then get on a monorail to the terminals. It takes about 25 minutes on the train and then 10-15 minutes on the monorail, depending on the terminal you go to.… Continue Reading →

Lugano Fall 2002

View of the lake and mountain passes from the Principe Leopoldo Hotel. View of the lakefront. Two views of this curiosity at the end of the city lakefront. Something doesn’t look right? After a 20 minute walk, you find out what’s wrong.… Continue Reading →

Vienna, Brussels, Luxembourg, Jerusalem, Amman Fall 2002 (Brief Glimpses)

The Hofburg in Vienna. Rear entrance to the Hofburg. Opera House. Street performance art. Brussels: A sense of the local architecture. Palace of Justice. This is huge building and this is just part of it. European Parliament. Another huge complex. Luxembourg: View of the area from the entrance to the city center.… Continue Reading →

Seville Fall 2002

Hotel Alfonso XIII in background. Golden Tower. The Bullfighter’s Prayer. One of the city’s bridges. I walked 30 minutes along the river to get this photo. Another of the city’s pretty bridges to the World Expo site. Two views of the Plaza D’Espana, a very grand public space.… Continue Reading →

Seville & Cordoba Fall 2002

View of Seville from atop the cathedral. Another view with the spires and the bullring in the background. The belltower. Another view from the top. Two views from ground level. The architect was thought to be a madman. Railroad station in Madrid.… Continue Reading →
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