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London Notes 2002: Visit to London (What’s New); Limmud Conference Notes 31 December 2002

I just returned from a visit to London and the annual Limmud conference. It was a great networking and educational opportunity and you’d be surprised at who shows up to these things. The cream of the crop of the next generation of Jewish leadership comes from around the world to be there and it is an intelligent and suffers-no-fools bunch.… Continue Reading →

Limmud 2002 Speech: What Young Arab Leadership is Thinking Followed by Questions and Answers Nottingham, England — 23 December 2002

Thank you for coming today; I hope to make this hour fascinating for you while we explore what the next generation of leadership in the Middle East, specifically in the Arab World, is thinking about these days. Last year I spoke about Arab attitudes with regard to Israel and the text of that address is available on my website,… Continue Reading →

An Insight into Saudi Consumer Society in 2002 1 December 2002

I had a late night 2 hour telephone conversation this week with a British fellow who has lived in Saudi Arabia for about 20 years, married a local, converted to Islam, and now works in the region in the area of consumer marketing for a company which represents one of the world’s top advertising agencies.… Continue Reading →

How much Freedom should we trade for our Security? Submitted to the Economist Essay Competition August 2002 Posted 1 December 2002

SYNOPSIS: Freedom for Security should be viewed more broadly than in terms of an exchange involving civil liberties. In today’s society, the tradeoff of the overarching value of Convenience for Security is the most relevant yardstick involving what we popularly call Freedom, and principles of economics are highly relevant to analyzing this exchange.… Continue Reading →

Global Thoughts – 1 December 2002 Iraq; Israel Elections and Palestinian Affairs; Bush Legacies; World Superpower Watch; Highlights of Trip Journal; Respect vs. Tolerance (with application to Turkey & EEC)

Where do I start? I just returned from a dozen country, 30 day journey to talk to people, hear their views, try to get answers to questions and report back to you. Following this visit to Europe and the Middle East, I hope I have some useful thoughts to share.… Continue Reading →

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