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Ivan’s Suggested 5-Day Mission to Israel 13 January 2003

I keep looking at the programs people are asked to go on and they look rather meaningless. A few days of sightseeing and walking tours and bringing packages of toothbrushes and toothpaste to soldiers. Somehow I think we could do better.Continue Reading →

Cayman Islands January 2003

Flight from Miami is just over 1 hour; there are several a day and they are running full. Hotels are about 10 minutes by taxi costing about $20; taxis here are priced very high. Hyatt upgraded me to their concierge floor (breakfast, lounge, tea, evening and night munchies, etc.).… Continue Reading →

Global Thoughts at Year’s End 2002 4 January 2003

Welcome to 2003. Predictions made for 2002 were better than usual. I said that Saddam would be gone by now, but you can tell that the Saudis are getting off the fence and even Iraqis are resigned to his coming defeat and ships are already at sea.… Continue Reading →

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