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11 May 2003 Helpful Information For Out of Town Visitors Re: Wedding of Ivan Ciment & Karen Heilig

Where, When and What ?

The wedding is scheduled for Sunday 9 November at 5pm at the Wyndham Hotel, 48th Street and Collins Avenue Miami Beach Florida . The format will be a smorgasbord (cocktail party with lots of food), ceremony and then dinner and dancing reception that will end at about 11.… Continue Reading →

Auckland, New Zealand May 2003

America’s Cup Yacht being given a tuneup. Bus says Sorry, Out of Service. English-Speak. Isn’t that a cute doggie? View from atop City Tower at the Harbour Bridge. The main volcano overlooking the city. Center city buildings from atop the tower.… Continue Reading →

Global Thoughts 11 May 2003 World Issues, Euros and Eyeglass Cleaner for Travel

Karen and I walked into a china shop last Sunday to look at patterns. I was in a good mood following a 4 hour lecture/discussion on Middle East policy (yeah, I like that stuff), and wore a rather cherubic countenance on my face.… Continue Reading →

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