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Global Thoughts 23 June 2003 A bit more focus on economics this month. Meanwhile, Iraq and Israel-PA are playing themselves out right now and there are some real opportunities, now that the deck of cards has been reshuffled.

Hot Spots

Israel-Palestine: Have you noticed that every time Israel assassinates someone, it’s always a Leader of Whatever. Evidently, there are no non-generals in the Palestinian army, just as in the Israeli army. Sharon has upped the ante against Hamas in order to prod Abbas into either taking over security for portions of the Palestinian territories or be eaten up by Arafat and a vacuum to be filled by Israel.… Continue Reading →

Ivan Ciment’s Family: Photos June 2003 Jason’s Kids with IC & Grandparents in LA; Visit with Aunt Fay

Ivan Ciment’s Family: Photos June 2003 Jason’s Kids with IC & Grandparents in LA; Visit with Aunt Fay Coming Later this Summer: Avi’s Kids in the Catskills (no current photos)

Fay examining engagement ring. Jason’s Three Daughters: Lena, Rebecca and Raquel.… Continue Reading →

Karen Heilig’s Family — Australia June 2003

IC and KH at Engagement Party Karen’s Mom and Grandmother Karen’s Sister Nikki Nikki’s Daughter, Sarah Rose and her Grandmother, Robin. At left is Justin, Nikki’s Husband. Restored challa cover, family heirloom dated approx. 1870, Germany. Karen in front of her house.… Continue Reading →

Beverly Hills June 2003

Bungalow 1B at the Beverly Hills Hotel: Various views.

Views in the gardens. My parents, Joan & Norman Ciment. This is what happens when you put little kids in the Barbie section at FAO Schwartz. They are watching the video screen and cannot be moved!… Continue Reading →

Austral-Pacific Hop-Hop: Sydney & Auckland, June 2003

The reason for this trip: Ivan & Karen at Engagement Party in Sydney

Auckland, New Zealand On the way west, I had a pit stop in LA at a BBQ to end all BBQ’s at a mansion in the Pacific Palisades overlooking Santa Monica beach.… Continue Reading →

Sydney, Australia June 2003

Victoria Shopping Arcade. Center city park and war memorial. View from atop the city tower toward the harbour and suburbs. Schoolchildren on lunch hour. Sydney Opera House. Things must get rowdy in the bars here. These signs are common. Harbour Bridge.… Continue Reading →
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