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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada: September 2003

Aerial in the vicinity. View from my hotel room at Fairmont Waterfront hotel. At the cruise ship port. View from atop the Harbour Centre observation deck. Lots of this blue glass all over the city’s buildings. Capilano Suspension Bridge and park.… Continue Reading →

Malta: September 2003

Aerial view of ragged coastline Aerial of capital of Valletta Walls of the old city area. New wine in an old bottle: Internet Phone booth. Monument of FDR thanking Maltese for WW II help in saving mankind. Views in the city.… Continue Reading →

Rome September 2003

From rooftop of Grand Hotel Minerva Trevor Fountain Spanish Steps View from top of the steps Coliseum Interior of Coliseum Interior of Coliseum Arch of Constantinople outside the Coliseum Arch of Titus Arch of Titus Circus Massimo Interesting church near Circus Massimo Piazza Venezia Views of Rome from a balloon above Villa Borghese gardens Pretty homes and estates in a Rome neighborhood.… Continue Reading →

Global Thoughts September 11, 2003 US Foreign Policy in Middle East; Israel-Palestine; Economy; Bush 2004; Montreal Travel

That 11,000 extra people in France died during this past summer’s heatwave (so sayeth the French health ministry) helps put some things into perspective. America losing 40 soldiers a month in Iraq is not going to bring the house down, and I haven’t seen a wave of resignations going on this month in France which, despite supposedly having the world’s best health care system, still seems to  value its vacations more than its elderly.… Continue Reading →

Hong Kong September 2003

View from my suite at the Intercontinental (the old Regent Hotel) toward the Peninsula Hotel View from the window behind my bed of the Harbour: a live postcard. Town clock. Odd things: They have funny signs here. Something familiar; something strange.… Continue Reading →

List of Countries Ivan Has Visited (53) and How Often

Cyprus 4 Austria 3 Jordan 7 Argentina 2 Brazil Paraguay Japan 2 Bermuda 3 Chile England 8 Island of Jersey Hong Kong 3 Malta Turkey Syria Lebanon 2 Singapore Malaysia United Arab Emirates 3 Bahrain 2 Switzerland 7 Luxembourg 2 Egypt 2 Saudi Arabia Qatar Mexico Canada 6 Jamaica 2 Bahamas 5+ Australia 2 Germany 6 Italy 9 Monaco France 6 Costa Rica Thailand Peoples Republic of China Ireland Grand Cayman South Korea Spain 3 New Zealand Russia 4 Hungary Netherlands Belgium 2 Kuwait Sweden Finland Czech Republic Poland Israel 11 Greece 2… Continue Reading →

Ivan’s Fall Fashion Round the World Romp September 2003 – Round the World in 12 Days Click here to take the photo tour.

48 Hours in Malta

Flew via Rome; NY to Rome was 7:15 with a good tailwind. Purser and my seatmate spent a good hour having a loud Italian argument over where Karen and I should honeymoon in Italy. Food on Alitalia Business Class was better than expected.… Continue Reading →

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