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Global Thoughts — 15 November 2004 Post-Election America; Post-Arafat Middle East; the UN

America Post-Election

Bush got a mandate and the satisfaction of not being an accidental president. Everyone came out and voted, and plenty more voted for him than Kerry. The Republicans were the more disciplined party in the campaign, and the Democrats were in comparison a bunch of factions who get together every 4 years to try and elect a candidate.… Continue Reading →

Lake Como Region

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Milan and Abano, Italy

Duomo Cathedral at end of day. Atop the Duomo Inside the Duomo Designer baby carriage for 750 Euro on Via Monte Napolean shopping street. Eating pasta at Armando on Via Spiga #50 — a must go. Another cool dude on Via Spiga.… Continue Reading →

Zurich & Lugano

Fresco in our Widder Hotel room The breakfast room with open roof Tea at the Bauer Au Lac Hotel Full newspapers same day from around the world via PDF and laser-printing. The Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich, the main shopping street. Signature photos in Zurich.… Continue Reading →

A Taste of Charleston, South Carolina, November 2004

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Charleston, South Carolina Thanksgiving Weekend, November 2004

It’s a 2 hour flight going south, and 1½ going north to New York. At US Airways at Laguardia airport, use the shuttle entrance to get a better shot at carry-on luggage because they are more lenient with shuttle passengers. Taxi ride into town is $25 and half an hour.… Continue Reading →

Ivan’s Top Ten Tips for Getting Engaged and Married and Surviving the First Year of Marriage — 9 November 2004

1. Agree to as many difficult things as possible before getting engaged so that you don’t have to agree to them afterward.

2. Spend a good deal of time alone with your future spouse to see if you really get along.… Continue Reading →

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