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Passover Sermonette 20 April 2005

Notes from Rabbi Adam Mintz Passover Sermon 16 April 2005 with some comments afterward

Seder is experiential more than intellectual, because of the many inherent contradictions in the Seder’s composition. Rabbi Soloveitchik said the experience of the Seder was instrumental to his religious development, even more so than his intellectual capacity. … Continue Reading →

Best of Elizabeth Regina Ciment’s First 2 Months

First picture With Grandma Joan Ciment Grandpa Norman Ciment Grandma Anne Heilig When all else fails…

 … Continue Reading →

Mumbai, India — April 2005

Gateway to India as viewed from the Club room at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel Bombay College Jain Temple Where laundry gets done. Really. Example of older local architecture. Synagogue. Gandhi house; miniature model of his assassination. A carpet I purchased.… Continue Reading →

Singapore / April 2005

Raffles Hotel Palm Courtyard Interior courtyard A master bedroom in a suite. Views from atop the Swissotel. Example of Halal sign. Raffles Plaza shopping mall. Metro scenes with double doors. Swiping cards with laser readers. Typical bakery counter — top quality everywhere.… Continue Reading →

Global Tour — March/April 2005 Greek & Turkish Cyprus, Jordan, Dubai, Mumbai and Singapore

Cyprus — 9 hour Delta flight to Athens with a quick change to Cypress Airways 75 minute flight to Cyprus. Athens new airport very nice and efficient — took me 15 minutes to clear customs and check in for my transfer flight out on a different airline.… Continue Reading →

Global Thoughts — April 2005

Just returned from another round the world adventure. Cyprus is always a treat; Amman has good friends and conversation; Dubai is spectacular; India is a mess but a land of opportunity, and Singapore is a pleasant rest stop on the way home and a lovely city-state doing things right.… Continue Reading →

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