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Ivan’s “Meaning of Life” Challenge

And now, time for something Really different. Let’s talk for a minute or two about the meaning of life. Seriously. Ask the average fellow what he or she believes — for example, in a theological sense (ie: what his or her religious position is) — and very often the answer will be a statement of that which he does NOT believe (ie: Jews don’t believe in Jesus).… Continue Reading →

Toronto & Langdon Hall July 2005

Toronto’s CN Tower from atop the Westin Hotel Couple getting married at city hall Speaker’s Corner Interior of an office building Reproduction of a building inside that building Movenpik’s Marche market in lobby of BCE Building Always something humorous in Canada… Cute window display at a tabletop store Another fun display.… Continue Reading →

Global Thoughts — 5 July 2005

Here’s a few Hints. We’re reading ads about a store called Upper Breast Side…You bring your breast, we do the rest….My wife interrupted Friday Night Dinner’s blessing over the wine to go and throw up…. It took a top doctor at Mount Sinai Hospital to calm her down after she took a few nose drops over a 3 day period and read up about the possible side effects from prolonged usage of nose drops.… Continue Reading →

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