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Do you remember when you could easily fit into a small bag?


outerwear for cold climate or airplanes Undershirts undergarments sleepwear socks shoes Diapers / pullups / panties Wipes A&D butt cream desotin or triple paste butt cream for rashes diaper bag blanket for transit travel box of ready-made milk for transit travel bottles, nipples and caps bottle brush and detergent to clean bottles sippy cups stroller tylenol, benadryl and medicine dropper toothbrush and toothpaste shampoo, bath soap; bathwater container to pour water on kids thermometer plastic bags to put dirty diapers into bibs sunscreen and hat some cheerios or snack and a cup to hold the cheerios oatmeal packets hand sanitizer extra zip loc bags for food storage toys and books / favorite teddy bear, if applicable hair brush first aid supplies kids’ passports car music CD’s DVD’s, player, charger and headphone baby monitor car seat portable chair for table eating

Infants cottonballs baby oil formula bottle thermos portable bottle warmer if no kitchen facilities bath soap and little plastic bowl to put water in during a bath bath tub for extended visits gas drops (not after 6 months) gripe water for newborns Dreft laundry detergent for babies burp cloths (not after 6 months) blanket more pacifiers than you think you need (at least 3) and thing to attach it to baby rain, sun and windshield for a stroller hats baby food prune juice in case of constipation wash cloth crib bumper bath tub feeding spoon and fork… Continue Reading →

Evian, Lausanne, Geneva, Montreux, Vivey — August 2005

View from room of Royal Parc, Evian Front of Hotel Gourmet room before dinner Evian water exhibit By the lake Cathedral in town center City Hall Evian, Poop sheets for doggies Pooch-going area Hotel’s endless swimming pool Thonon by the sea (town next to Evian) Lausanne, Switzerland town center Interesting building by the lake View from lakeside Views from room at the D’Angleterre Hotel, Geneva Near town hall, Geneva Unusual Views of the major cathedral See Mrs.… Continue Reading →

France & Switzerland Visit August 2005 Evian, Lausanne, Geneva, Montreux, Vivey

If arriving Geneva, don’t exit on the French side looking for a French taxi to save money. Ask your French taxi to meet you on the Swiss side. When you exit on the French side, there is no ATM or taxi stand.… Continue Reading →

Global Thoughts — 5 August 2005 Various Thoughts; Travel Notes about Travel News Sources and Toronto/Langdon Hall visit.

Don’t you just love America….Grannies suing a video game maker over hidden sex scenes. Not that they are offended buying their grandkids games about cop-killing and car-stealing.

Global Thoughts is getting more visitors than I thought — between 2,000 and 2,500 per month are logging in from all over the world and reading all sorts of pages on this site.… Continue Reading →

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