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One Year Budget for 24/6 Television Operation and Model Allocations Payroll (50 week year — 2 weeks of jewish holidays off air)

Technical Teams

5 camerapeople  5k per week (2 day shift; 2 evening shift; 1 night shift) 2 directors  2k per week (1 day shift; 1 evening shift) 5 graphics editors 5k per week (2 day shift; 2 evening shift; 1 night shift) Day shift is 34 hours for 10 people; 40 hours for 1 camera and 1 graphics person salaried at 1k per week.… Continue Reading →

The Case for a Jewish Television Network for NY City & Beyond: Summary and Discussion

Anyone in leadership who seriously thinks about the future of American Jewry grapples with 3 interlocking challenges: how to keep the highest number of them affiliated, informed and active. The clear trend is toward unaffiliation, apathy and evidence of disconnect from communal structures.… Continue Reading →

Global Thoughts — October 2005 Some Random Thoughts plus Travel Notes and photos from our September holiday. Funny cartoon below.

Funny but true…The Palestinian terrorist who masterminded the attack at the Munich Olympics in 1972 complains to the NY Times that Spielberg didn’t consult him for his new movie about the event. For what it’s worth in this world of secret conspiracies and legends, Jews do have the final word as Hollywood is for posterity — even for Palestinian terrorists.… Continue Reading →

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