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To Reopen American Factories and Save Jobs: First Raise the H1B Quota 10 April 2006

Whether or not Congress passes an immigration bill this year, one provision in the senate bill which has received scant media attention contains a raise in the H1B quota for the coming year and a change in how the quota would be utilized.… Continue Reading →

Global Thoughts – April Notes In this edition, world issues, travel notes on my first Family Vacation to a resort area on Florida’s Gulf Coast, followed by the annual Passover Sermonette.

Our newest Frequent Flyer on her first Family Vacation…details below.

Markets — An additional country index I bought into was Austria. It is more stable than Germany’s and has a better uptick over the past couple years. My friend in Vienna has for several years pointed to positive business conditions with good reach into Eastern Europe.… Continue Reading →

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