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Countdown to World War III? Address to Limmud Conference 25 December 2006, University of Nottingham, England.

This conference attracts about 2,300 people from 30 countries for 5 days during Christmas week. For details, see

Conference Handbook Summary: This summer’s Lebanon campaign jiggled pieces on the global Risk board. Who won and does the winner laugh last?… Continue Reading →

Jason Bris

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London Notes – Visit to the UK (London and Ashdown Park Hotel) Late December 2006

Virgin Atlantic still has the best business class in the sky; it’s basically first class, and their premium economy is everyone else’s business class, at least as far as the seat is concerned. Good food; even the fish in the airport club was fresh.… Continue Reading →

UK Visit December 2006

View from room at Savoy Hotel Christmas lights at Oxford Circus New from Pret a Manger Marks and Spencers Takeout: Lots of Sandwiches in the Lineup Doesn’t this sound so yummy….. Boo-Boo and Daddy keeping warm in London Puttin on the Ritz at the The Ritz Ashdown Park Hotel an hour outside London View from the backyard Sitting in the sitting room….… Continue Reading →

Notes from Limmud Conference 2006

The Limmud conference attracts about 2,300 people from 30 countries and meets in Nottingham England for 5 days during Christmas week. For details, go to 

Gershon Baskin, CEO of Israel-Palestine Center for Research and Information….Been dealing with lots of behind the scenes non-governmental relations with Arabs….The Saudis and Syrians send low-level people to deal with Israel; when the representation gets more serious, we’ll know they mean business.… Continue Reading →

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