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Ivan’s Predictions for 2007 3 January 2007

What will she think of next? And other 2007 Predictions.

All in all, Iā€™m not expecting lots of stuff to happen in 2007 in the ordinary course of business unless something really crazy happens out of the blue.

Stock Markets ā€” I am not going to buck conventional wisdom here.… Continue Reading →

Ivan’s Packing List as of 1 January 2007 This is about 5 days worth of clothes; if you do laundry abroad, it will last indefinitely. You want to avoid checking bags! A must is a light garment bag with many pockets and a shoulder strap and a small ca

navy blazer with navy slacks — wear on plane with one of the pants and shirts below camel-colored and one other matching dress pants (ie: green); fourth pair pants optional but the point is not to pack more than 3 pair.… Continue Reading →

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