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Thoughts — 25 September 2012

During our trip to Germany last month, our now 5 year old Jeremy wasn’t eating all that much and wasn’t pooping either. Finally, he cried out “Mommy, give me a carrot now. I want fruits and vegetables – I need to poop.” A day later he reported “Good News, I finally pooped.”

Recently he went out with our new nanny who had forgotten where the fish market was.… Continue Reading →

Germany Travel Notes — September 2012

Wanted to fly the new Airbus 380. It is a big plane all right. Upstairs is all business class and first class. Downstairs the economy class is very large — Touring the airplane, Elizabeth started walking down the aisles and then stopped saying, “I get the idea.” It is quieter on this plane which means your kids seem louder.… Continue Reading →

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