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Family Vacation Compendium — As at 4 December 2012

There are few ideas I have that I don’t see in print somewhere. But I’ve tried hard looking for a book about upscale family vacations, and I haven’t found any. Here, based on my experience so far, is a list of highly recommended family holidays with a few remarks about each.… Continue Reading →

Musings – Where I Would Like to Live – 4 December 2012

30 years ago I left Miami Beach at the end of 11th grade while my father was mayor of the city, and I couldn’t imagine life anywhere other than Miami Beach. I was brought up in a house where my parents preached to anyone who would listen that Miami Beach was the greatest place in the whole wide world.… Continue Reading →

Global Thoughts – 4 December 2012 (includes travel notes Jerusalem, Madrid, Tampa FL)

This posting is a combination of stuff written in November and early December. There was a delay while this site was relaunched over the past month.

Today (November 9), I’m sitting on a flight from Madrid to NYC and I’m feeling like I’ve done this before (because I have).… Continue Reading →

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