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Global Thoughts — 1 April 2015

Celebrating Karen’s special birthday

We have reached another milestone in our family – we are now calling the “diaper bag” the “fun bag.” You know how you keep calling something the diaper bag even though your kids have been out of diapers for years?… Continue Reading →

Global Thoughts — 3 March 2015

Family at Homestead Resort in Virginia

Can you believe that in the US if you want to telephone the Internal Revenue Service to ask a question about how to file your taxes they no longer have people who will talk to you?… Continue Reading →

Top 40 Hideaways in the World According to Ivan — April 2017

In no particular order is my updated list of Favorite Hideaways from places that I have visited over the past 15 years — about 300 properties visited during that time. To be on this list, the property has to excel in almost every way, meaning rooms, food, beautiful surroundings, activities, service, facilities, a feeling of intimacy and privacy; unique features or character.… Continue Reading →

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